2018.10.11 | People

Handing over - and remaining

Being part of defining and establishing the iFOOD Centre has been a very inspiring and interesting process. I have been Acting Head of Centre since its opening at September 25, 2017.        I have in particular enjoyed to facilitate the interdisciplinary elements, first collaborations, framing Ph.D. initiatives and initiating…

Human sensory panel working. The human taste sense is complex and difficult to replicate.

2018.10.10 | Research news

DNA-SHAPES, a model for artificial taste

The interdisciplinary project DNA SHAPES, now aims at developing extremely rapid artificial tasting “machines” using DNA molecules as billions of small molecular sensors to mimic the human taste sense to an accuracy never before believed possible.

New centre leader at iFOOD: Milena Corredig

2018.10.10 | Positions


As of November 1, 2018, Milena Corredig is appointed as new Centre Leader for the iFOOD Aarhus University Centre for Innovative Food Research. Milena Corredig has a broad international experience.

2018.10.10 | Research news


Peas are found in all shapes and sizes, they are adapted to the Danish climate and are full of protein. However, they seem to have fallen into oblivion. Now, the framework is described for a new initiative to study the potential of peas as an alternative to animal protein in foods.

2018.08.22 | Research


Årsberetning 2017 DCA - Nationalt Center for Fødevarer og Jordbrug

Press releases

En ny ingrediens i fremtidens fødevareproduktion

2018.02.27 | News type

Der mangler kvalificeret arbejdskraft, hvis vi i fremtiden skal sikre, at klodens befolkning kan få mad på tallerknen. Derfor åbner Ingeniørhøjskolen Aarhus Universitet i år diplomingeniøruddannelsen ”Kemi og fødevareteknologi”, der skal sikre, at Danmark holder sit høje kvalitetsniveau inden for fødevarer