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2019.05.10 | Positions

Two positions available in the Ifood platform of food packaging

Do you want to join the Ifood Team?

AU Photo: Jesper Rais

2019.05.03 | Research

Grass protein in foods – just around the corner, or?

Recent years have witnessed a major focus on replacing animal protein in foods by plant-based alternatives, and proteins is a key focus area for iFOOD in the years to come. Soya protein in particular is popular in various products. However, Danish grassland areas might be a useful protein source for human food. Researchers from Aarhus University…

Is it possible to replace the dietary protein sources which we know and use today by insect protein ? Photo: Technological Institute, Denmark

2019.04.11 | Research

How healthy and nutritious are insects?

Currently, alternative protein sources are in focus and insects in particular. The nutrient contents of insects have been mapped. However, we still need to investigate several factors when considering insects as human nutrition, including how the nutrients from insects are absorbed, and how they affect our satiety.