Handing over - and remaining

2018.10.11 | Lotte Bach Larsen

Being part of defining and establishing the iFOOD Centre has been a very inspiring and interesting process. I have been Acting Head of Centre since its opening at September 25, 2017. 

      I have in particular enjoyed to facilitate the interdisciplinary elements, first collaborations, framing Ph.D. initiatives and initiating the first chunks of post doc initiatives between departments, of which two initiatives are profiled in the first iFOOD newsletter. It was also decided from the onset of the Centre, that the affiliated iFOOD professor would be the new Centre Head. Therefore, I am happy to handle over the task to Milena Corredig, also presented  in the iFOOD newsletter, from November 1, 2018 and help on in the handing over process. I will remain in the iFOOD Steering Committee and continue to lead the processing platform. I would like to thank all partners and project members connected to iFOOD. It has been very nice to collaborate with you. Any questions or comments, please send to lbl@food.au.dk.