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Mon 11 May
00:00-00:00 |
How can our sense of taste save the planet?
Watch out for this unique symposium for researchers, practitioners and other tasters. It will return in May 2020 at Aarhus Theater. On 11-12. May 2020 the innovative and interdisciplinary symposium "Creative Tastebuds 2020: Exploring how our sense of taste can save the planet" will be held.


2020.03.16 | Conference

Call for abstracts: Arla Food for Health Conference 2020

On May 6 2020, the Arla Food for Health Conference will take place at the Arla Innovation Centre in Aarhus. Researchers at Aarhus University are invited to participate in the conference by submitting an abstract.

2020.03.02 | Research news

Designing resilient organic greenhouse production systems for Europe: updates from the first half of the GREENRESILIENT project

During the last decade, there has been a strong discussion about the principles of organic farming, driven primarily by the differences in organic production systems in Europe. Some systems are highly intensified and focus on high economic sustainability whereas others focus on increasing biodiversity and implementing agroecological principles.…

2020.03.02 | Research

Support for agri-food tech companies in the startup phase

As a part of the EIT Food program, which Aarhus University is participating in, it is now possible for new startup companies within the area of agri-food technology to receive training, mentorship and €10,000 funding for customer research.